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turning the tables, tuning the tablets
Rodolfo Vieira & Chris Mercer


6/23/2017 Midwest Music and Audio Day | Chicago, IL

6/21/2017 New York City Electroacoustic Music festival | NYC, NY

Rodolfo Vieira and Chris Mercer present Solo Violin and the Acousmatic String Orchestra: Gesturally varied solo violin material is processed to create a wide array of accompanying ensemble and orchestral textures. Signal processing techniques include: Dynamic transposition of spectral bands, mass harmonization with variable turbulence, granulation (hundreds of voices) that combines manual control with control derived from spectral analysis, and cross-synthesis with pre-recorded string material. Signal processing is controlled via multiple iPads and the resulting output is spatialized in eight channels using wave field synthesis.


Portugal Tour, May 4-6, 2017 

micro Orchestra presents "Turning the Tables: The audience, the engineer and the acousmatic violin" at the TIES'15.

Live Performance at the International Computer Music Conference, Murchinson Performance Arts Cernter at the University of North Texas

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